Village Harmony

Village Harmony’s BLM resolve

We would also like to share with you our statement of resolve inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Village Harmony unequivocally believes that Black lives matter. We stand in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and are engaging in systemic change to make this statement true in action as well as in words.

Music organizations like Village Harmony can be blinded by the notions that music is a universal language and that sharing music can do no harm. This is a fallacy. As a predominantly White organization, we acknowledge that we need to take steps to dismantle the inequality embedded both in our country and in our organization. We apologize for not taking action sooner.

We are working to address our shortcomings by:
– creating new opportunities for collaborations with Black ensembles and hiring culture bearers from Black communities
– developing better practices for crediting and compensating composers of music from the Black tradition;
– investigating our organizational history of borrowing and appropriating music from Black communities and exploring reparations;
– gathering educational materials to share with Village Harmony staff.

The fire is lit and the time for action is now. We are growing, learning, listening and looking forward to forging a new chapter of Village Harmony.

Thank you for joining us in doing our part to make our world more equitable and caring.