Village Harmony

Village Harmony Germany concerts, July 20 – 26

Featuring South African songs and dances composed and arranged by Cape Town composer and camp leader Bongani Magatyana. Village Harmony director Larry Gordon and alumnus Nathaniel Damon will lead the group in traditional Georgian, Balkan and American songs, as well as a set of early music.

July 20, Friday: Sanitz, Dorfkirche, 7:30 pm

July 21, Saturday: Wüstrow, Dorfkirche, 7:30 pm

July 22, Sunday: 11 am Weidendom, Rostock; 5:00 pm Laage Stadtkirche

July 23, Monday: Wilstedt, Dorfkirche, 7:30  South west of Hamburg.

July 24, Tuesday: Hamburg, St. Petri Kirche, Workshop, 19-22 uhr

July 25, Wednesday: Lüneburg, Unicorn Camp, afternoon workshop and evening performance

July 26, Thursday: Hamburg, St. Petri Kirche, Concert, 19 uhr