Village Harmony

Village Harmony Digital Resource Library in the works

Expanding choral repertoire beyond the Euro-centric norm

We at Village Harmony are in the midst of preparing an online teaching resource library for choir directors looking to expand their virtual teaching repertoire outside the norm.

The first song resource modules will spring from the groundbreaking virtual courses Village Harmony held during the summer months with singers and choir directors from Corsica, South Africa, Republic of Georgia, Ukraine, Cuba and the Black gospel tradition.

Each song module will include complete digital rehearsal material—audio or video individual voice part recordings and performance tracks, scores /wordsheets/translations, pronunciation tracks, background resources. These will be combined with an hour-long live zoom lesson set up with the tradition bearer, who will introduce and teach the voice parts directly to your students, model authenticity and provide essential historical and personal background about the song.

A $200 fee will be charged for each digital+zoom lesson song module. The fee will go almost entirely to our tradition-bearer song leaders. Participating choir directors must be able to embed the digital teaching tracks online to ensure that they cannot be pirated.

As the fall progresses we will be adding leaders and songs from other countries.

Contact Village Harmony co-director Patty Cuyler for information and a current song/genre list: