Village Harmony

Aux berges du lac Castor, Saint-Paulin, Quebec

Where the magic of man meets the beauty of the earth.

At a time of mega-outfitters and upscale resorts, Aux berges du Lake Castor offers an intimate setting with community and ecological value. Founded as a workers’ cooperative in1999, Lac Castor has continued to strive to renovate and beautify this unique property, with a network of 30 kilometers of signposted trails with viewing platforms, benches, picnic tables, and interpretation panels.

In January 2009 a “creative chalet” was built, for artists from different disciplines to come create in an inspiring and enchanting setting, complete with meeting rooms, community kitchen and free access to outdoor and nautical equipment.

The cooperative has hosted many storytellers, singers, entertainers, dancers and artists, including: My Aries, Fred Pellerin, Blues Gitan, Yves Lambert, Alain Lamontagne, Les Tireux d’Roches, Dobacaracol, Polemil Bazar, Tomas Jensen, The Forked Languages, the traveling theater Le Cochon Souriant, Richard Desjardins, Tricot Machine, Marco Calliari, Misteur Vallaire, Vincent Vallière, Les Charbonniers de l’Enfer, Lisa Leblanc, Quality Motel and many others.