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Treasures of Grace CD (2013)

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Northern Harmony:
Treasures of Grace

2013. Northern Harmony


From Northern Harmony’s winter tour of 2013, which included a month in the UK, two weeks up and down the US east coast and two weeks in Colombia.

Northern Harmony’s goal is to present vibrant and informed performances of ethnic polyphonic singing traditions from the US and beyond, paying close attention to vocal timbres, inflections and characteristic ornamentation. This dynamic album features traditional and contemporary American shape-note music, Jubilee gospel quartet songs from the early 20th century, and traditional polyphonies from South Africa, Georgia, Bulgaria and Corsica.

Director: Larry Gordon
Singers: Andrea Boothby, Maria Dalia Albertini, Kimaya Diggs, Hannah Levy, Wheaton Squier, Rachel Rudi, Robert Raymond (violin, chonguri), Linnea Sablosky, Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin (accordion), Avery Book, Luke Hoffman (banjo, tupan), Maisie Dolan

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