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No Coward Soul CD (2010)

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Northern Harmony:
No Coward Soul


Lively performances from Northern Harmony’s US-EU-UK tour in the early spring of 2010. A signature eclectically-programmed album with great pieces ranging from traditional Corsican, Georgian, Bulgarian and South African harmonies to contemporary American shape-note songs. Directed by Larry Gordon and Patty Cuyler.

Northern Harmony’s 2010 tour included two weeks of performances on the East Coast of the US, five weeks in the UK and three weeks in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Northern Harmony’s goal is to present vibrant and informed performances—with close attention to vocal timbres, inflections and styles of ornamentation—of ethnic polyphonic singing traditions. Members of this group have traveled regularly to study and collaborate with traditional singers in the Republic of Georgia, Bulgaria and South Africa. Our album offers a sampling from these diverse traditions.

Directors: Larry Gordon & Patty Cuyler (accordion)
Singers: Isobel Arthen, Mia Bertelli, Lizzie Henle, Joel Knopf, Ned Milly, David Ree, Ruby Ross, Will Thomas Rowan (chonguri), Lynn Mahoney Rowan, Ben Sachs-Hamilton, Julie Shapiro (violin), Adam Simon (tambura, harmonica)
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