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Leagues Beyond the Sky CD (2011)

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Northern Harmony:
Leagues Beyond the Sky


Live recordings from Northern Harmony’s autumn 2011 EU-UK tour, directed by Larry Gordan and Patty Cuyler, with special guest directors Mollie Stone and Kenny Shimizu.

The tour included two weeks in residence rehearsing in Corsica followed by three weeks in France, Switzerland and Germany, and a month touring in the UK. This dynamic album features traditional and contemporary American shape-note music, Jubilee gospel quartet songs from the early 20th century, a set of late 16th and 17th century sacred pieces, and traditional polyphonies from South Africa, Georgia, Macedonia and Corsica.

Directors: Larry Gordon, Patty Cuyler, Mollie Stone, Ken Shimizu
Singers: Patty Cuyler (accordion), Luke Hoffman (dumbek), Nicola Collett, Arthur Davis (pennywhistle, recorder), Larry Gordon, Casey Steinberg, Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin, Wheaton Squier, Ken Shimizu, Julia Hartmann, Mollie Stone, Emily Steelhurst Thompson, Caspar ter Kuile, Sinead O’Mahoney, Jessica Kaufman.We thank Jean-Etienne Langianni of Ensemble Organum for teaching us our Corsican songs.
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