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Forged in Fire: Georgian Folk Songs (CD+CDR)

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Forged in Fire:
Georgian Folk Songs Collected by Ensemble Zedashe

Edited by Ketevan Mindorashvili & Patty Cuyler, 2007

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CD plus complete 75-page printable PDF book with music and word-sheets to all of the songs on the accompanying CD, “Forged in Fire.”

The repertoire in this book and the accompanying were chosen to favor songs from K’akheti and Svaneti.

  1. Alilo (1) (Kartl-k’akheti)
  2. Alilo (2) (Kartl-k’akheti)
  3. Bail-betkil (Svaneti)
  4. Bukna ch’ot’o (Svaneti)
  5. Ch’ona (Kartl-k’akheti)
  6. Didi da daidzra (Rach’a-lechkhumi)
  7. Dzveli supruli (Kartl-k’akheti)
  8. Keba tushisa rost’omisa (Kartl-k’akheti)
  9. Kheuro (Kartl-k’akheti)
  10. Krist’e aghsdga (Svaneti)
  11. Maqruli (Kartl-k’akheti)
  12. Metivuri (Kartl-k’akheti)
  13. Meureme (Samegrelo)
  14. Nanila (Svaneti)
  15. Raidio (Svaneti)
  16. Rost’om ch’abik’v (Svaneti)
  17. Sadatz vshobilvar (Guria)
  18. Satrpialo (Samegrelo)
  19. Shairebi (Ach’ara)
  20. Shakara (Kartl-k’akheti)
  21. Shavlego (Kartl-k’akheti)
  22. Ts’mindao ghmerto (Svaneti)

Led by Ketevan Mindorashvili, Ensemble Zedashe is a mixed choir based in the beautiful historic town of Sighnaghi in eastern Georgia. Ensemble Zedashe learned their repertoire from relatives and regional musicians, collected songs and dances in the highlands, and studied hymn singing in some of Georgia’s holiest monasteries.

Polyphonic songs are perhaps the most extraordinary contribution to world heritage that Georgia has to offer. Against all odds, these ancient songs have survived and outlived the influence of the many conquering civilizations that have ruled over Georgia, including 70 years of communism. Today, Georgian singing continues to accompany every aspect of life, from work in the fields to funeral wakes, from weddings to baptisms.

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