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Bulgarian Folk Songs Vol. 1 (book+DVD)

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Bulgarian Folk Songs, Vol. 1

Created by Patty Cuyler & Mollie Stone, with Bulgarian singer Elitsa Stoyneva, 2013
Book of scores + teaching DVD

Thirteen Bulgarian songs especially chosen for youth and children’s choirs, ranging from children’s play songs to a Christmas processional to three-part arrangements by Bulgarian composer Petăr Krumov.

Included in the book are scores, word sheets with complete translations and IPA, a detailed pronunciation guide and a short history of Bulgaria and its music, plus detailed rehearsal and performance techniques and tips.

The teaching DVD features Bulgarian gold-medal winner Elitsa Stoyneva teaching the pronunciation and voice parts and performance video by a project ensemble of 28 singers aged 8-18 from the Chicago Children’s Choir.

Listen to the songs on our Bandcamp page, where an album with performance recordings to accompany the book+DVD is available separately as a digital download.