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Adorn the Darksome Skies CD (2014)

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First formed in 1993, Northern Harmony has gained a wide reputation through concert tours across the United States, the UK and western Europe. The ensemble is part of Village Harmony, a Vermont-based world music organization which sponsors an extensive program of traveling singing camps, workshops and performance tours.

Northern Harmony is formed anew for each extended concert tour, and draws personnel from the wider community of singers who are veterans of Village Harmony ensembles. Our autumn 2014 tour included two weeks in the US, and six weeks in the UK, Switzerland, France and northern Germany.

We were very fortunate to work intensively with Capetown composer and choir leader Bongani Magatyana during our rehearsal period.

Director: Larry Gordon
Singers: Emily Adam, Jen Morris, Sophie Michaux, Megan Henderson, Adam Simon (tambura), Kimaya Diggs, Nicki Perez, Zoe Christiansen (accordion), Gabriel Kyne, Sam Long (guitar), Isobel Arthen, Lexi Ugelow, Lysander Jaffe (violin), Adam Riggen, Gretchen Carroll

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