Village Harmony

Sarina Partridge

Sarina Partridge is a musician, song-leader and educator in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She feels most alive when learning, creating and sharing songs, and enjoys singing, teaching, and touring with a wide variety of music projects – Eastern European and Yiddish song, old-time music, community song-leading… and everything in between.  Sarina has worked as a classroom teacher for the past ten years, weaving music into the everyday work and joy of building and sustaining community – it works for grown ups, too! Sarina leads a community choir in her neighborhood in Minneapolis, and leads workshops  with choirs around the country. She has a passion for connecting people with their own creativity and with community, and uses singing to help folks develop a sense of wonder for this wild world around us. All of us have a right and a need to make music, stretch ourselves, grow, and play. Let’s sing!