Village Harmony

Natalie Nowytski

Natalie Nowytski is an award-winning composer and performer based in Minneapolis. A first-generation Ukrainian-American and Minnesota native, she trained classically with her grandmother, the legendary vocal coach Oksana Bryn. Her Ukrainian heritage and love for traditional folk music brought Natalie to the internationally acclaimed Ethnic Dance Theatre in 1996 where she began specializing in the vocal styling of traditional Central and Eastern European music.

She has traveled to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France and Ukraine to study culture and folk music from professional musicians and villagers alike. Often dubbed a “chameleon voice,” Natalie sings in approximately 50 languages and in nearly 20 distinct vocal styles.

In addition to her diverse roster of private voice students, Natalie frequently conducts multi-level vocal workshops—including for New England-based Village Harmony—and has served as consultant for various choirs, including The Rose Ensemble, Mila Vocal Ensemble and KITKA. Through her performance and research, she has become respected as a master artist of Eastern European vocal styling.