Village Harmony

Village Harmony Year Group

Keep the Village Harmony connection alive through the school year! Join an enthusiastic group of teen singers for weekend rehearsals throughout the school year.


Back in 1989, before the first summer camp, Village Harmony was a school-year teen ensemble. Led by founder Larry Gordon, the inaugural group of nine Central Vermont high school students came together to sing, play instruments and dance for one weekend each month—rehearsing, cooking and sleeping overnight at Larry’s spacious house. Initially known as “Vermont Harmony” and then as “Village Harmony Year Group” (VHYG), the ensemble—which grew to number twenty and more and was co-directed by Larry and Patty Cuyler starting in 1995—would go on a major tour each spring, alternately traveling around New England, down the Atlantic Seaboard to Georgia and Alabama, out west to Chicago, and north into Quebec and Ontario. VHYG was disbanded in 2006 and melded with the inter-generational Boston Harmony, which had been founded the previous year based on the same once-a-month rehearsal model.

Last autumn the Village Harmony Year Group was revived by VHYG alumni Avery Book and Rachel Rudi along with VH camp leader Heidi Wilson. The three co-directors formed a powerful triumvirate of music leaders well-versed in world music genres who loved to work with teens.

The reincarnation was a resounding success. And VHYG is once again a vital part of Village Harmony.

For the 2019-20 season VHYG will meet the second weekend of the month from September to March culminating with a 4-day tour in April during the spring break week for most of the singers. Rehearsals will be held in various communities throughout Vermont. We’ll share potluck meals brought by singers on Saturday night and Sunday mid-day. Singers are hosted by local families in each community (in many cases, Village Harmony families).

Saturday rehearsals are 2-8pm and Sundays are 10:30am-3pm, and dates are as follows:

Rehearsal weekends:
– September 14-15
– Octover 12-13
– November 9-10
– December 14-15
– January 11-12
– February 8-9
– March 14-15
Spring mini-tour:
– April 13-19 or 20-26

Tuition will be at three levels as it was this past year: $25, $50, or $75 per month (or $175, $350, $525 for the 2019-20 season). The goal is to make the experience financially accessible to everyone, while encouraging families who can afford to pay the high end to do so in order to help keep Year Group going.

Singers are expected to make it to most of the weekends in order to perform in the spring concerts. Missing multiple weekends might make a singer unable to perform, but still welcome to rehearse.