Village Harmony

Diversity Scholarships

Music can break down barriers.

For over 27 years Village Harmony has been a place where teenagers who don’t follow the beaten path have been able to come together and experience the sheer power of making music as a community with like-minded peers. But there are still plenty of singers who aren’t represented in our camps in large numbers, including underprivileged students who could greatly benefit from the support of the VH environment.

Midwest-camp-'15-group-photoVillage Harmony has long been committed to making its programs accessible. We keep our expenses and tuition fees as low as possible and offer generous financial aid. Last summer we expanded our scholarship program for inner-city youth in our Midwest camp, set aside a number of tuition-free spaces in our New England programs, and offered full support to a young singer from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

With your help we are pledging to make Village Harmony even more accessible, both to under-privileged and under-represented youth from the US and to talented students from less developed countries. Our goal is to be able to offer at least 15 additional full and partial scholarships on an ongoing basis to our Midwest and New England teen camps, to enable local youth to attend our international summer camps at little or no cost, and to subsidize airfare and visa costs for 2-3 economically-disadvantaged students coming to the US from abroad each year.

To that end we have launched a permanent outreach program—our Diversity Scholarship Campaign—to expand the economic, social and racial diversity of our camps by identifying potential participants and providing additional scholarship funding for underprivileged youth who might otherwise never even consider coming to one of our summer camps.

Our needs from you to help with this outreach program are twofold.

(1) Help us to identify and encourage teenagers who would benefit from a Village Harmony camp experience but who don’t know about our programs—or who might never consider applying because of the price tag attached. If you are a choral director, teacher or youth leader who knows talented young singers who could benefit from our summer camp, please talk to them about our program and urge them to complete an online application. Alternatively, contact us and we will extend an invitation to your students to apply to camp.

(2) Help us to be able to provide these scholarships by donating to the Diversity Scholarship Fund. Village Harmony is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and all scholarship contributions are fully tax-deductible. You can send us a check, or donate online with PayPal or a credit card through this link.

Contact us directly to send us the names of candidate campers, donate stock or to gift frequent flyer miles.

Become part of the effort to increase the diversity and richness of the Village Harmony community.