Village Harmony

New England Traveling Teen Camp II – July 4 – 23, 2019 – $1375

Date: July 4-23, 2019
Venue: Stump Sprouts Retreat Center
Leaders: Avery Book, Heidi Wilson, Gideon Crevoshay
Price: $1375

Concert repertoire will include thrilling harmony-singing traditions from around the world: traditional and contemporary American shape note pieces; Georgian, Corsican and Sardinian traditional songs; social movement songs; and some of Heidi’s original pieces.

Avery Book will teach traditional songs from the island of Sardinia and from Caucasus Georgia, and songs from the American civil rights movement. Avery, who has been singing with Village Harmony since he was a teenager himself, founded the Burlington Solidarity Singers, a group of singers and song leaders that lead and adapt songs for Vermont social and environmental justice organizations.

Heidi Wilson is a singer-songwriter with a passion for sharing original compositions and folk songs inspired by and in service to community and the natural world; songs that celebrate the seasons, offer thanks and praise, lull babies to sleep, muster courage, and make room for healing.

Gideon Crevoshay, born in the hills of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, grew up singing and traveling with Village Harmony around the globe. He will teach from his repertoire of traditional and ancient forms of singing from the US, Caucasus, and Mediterranean, exploring the wisdom contained within these traditions and how they can inform present ideas of music making and community.

This will be the second time Avery, Heidi, and Gideon will lead a “living songs” session. They will be placing emphasis this tour on teaching—and helping the group together create—a shared repertoire of songs that are “socially alive” and performed for a particular purpose: work songs, songs of social struggle, traditional lullabies and healing songs, and celebratory songs from across the centuries and the globe.

The group will not only explore the cultural, social, and political context of their music and their relationship to it, but then put their songs into action, singing with (and not just to) their host communities throughout the tour.

Our intention will be to foster unique musical connections and exchanges with the communities we are visiting as much as possible. In addition to the regular concerts we will do things like sing work songs on family farms in Maine and Vermont as we actually help to harvest crops, share songs with hospice choirs, exchange repertoire with song leader-singers in Vermont who are using music in the context of social movements, and connect with local refugee communities.

Rehearsal week will be at Stump Sprouts in western Mass., and the subsequent tour will cover Massachusetts, Maine, Hew Hampshire and Vermont, ending in Montpelier.

Join this special tour as we cultivate a space of creativity and confidence-building, learning (and creating new) music together to sing in camp, on tour, and in life!

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Avery Book

Book-AveryAVERY BOOK, from Plainfield, Vermont has been involved with Village Harmony since 1999, initially as a teen camper and more recently as a camp director. Avery’s eclectic musical interests span the gamut from early music to traditional world folk to the music of social movements. He has traveled a number of times to The Republic of Georgia and is currently working on a set of educational recordings and transcriptions of traditional Georgian music.  Avery is a founder of two chapters of the Vermont Solidarity Singers, a group of singers and song leaders that lead and adapt songs for Vermont social and environmental justice movements. He is a member of a number of touring musical ensembles. When he isn’t singing, Avery is a community organizer.



Heidi Wilson

Village HarmonyHEIDI WILSON is a singer-songwriter with a passion for sharing songs inspired by and in service to community and the wild world.  She has been leading a cappella singing groups for the last twelve years with the aim of uplifting courage, beauty, and connection.  Heidi currently leads singing at the Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture, the Plainfield Community Sing, seasonal Interfaith Sacred Sings, and with the Central Vermont Solidarity Singers. 




Gideon Crevoshay

Gideon_Crevoshay_PhotoGIDEON CREVOSHAY, originally from northeastern Vermont and now based in New Haven, CT, began touring with Village Harmony and Northern Harmony as a teenager in 1997. He attended Oberlin College where he became immersed in early music and co-founded a singing ensemble that focused on Georgian, Corsican and American traditional polyphony. A brilliant vocalist, he is a founding member of the Starry Mountain Singers, Starry Mountain Trio, and the Sardinian quartet Tenors de Aterúe, and tours annually with the international musical collaboration OneBeat.



Stump Sprouts Retreat Center

stumpsproutsSituated in rural northwest Massachusetts, Stump Sprouts Retreat Center is a rustic multi-season resort—founded as a cross-country ski resort—and retreat facility. The center of activity is the hand-crafted three-level guest lodge with bedrooms and lounge on the top two floors and kitchen and dining area on the lower level. Our rehearsals take place in the center’s converted dairy barn. And additional bedrooms are just across the lane in the 200 year-old farmhouse. Stump Sprouts is located on 450 acres of woods and meadows, with splendid vistas and hiking trails. The center’s organic gardens that often provide vegetables for our kitchen. These unspoiled lands set the stage for three Village Harmony teen retreats this year.