Village Harmony

New England Teen Traveling Camps – Summer 2020

Date: First camp begins June 23 - last camp ends August 12, 2020
Venue: Stump Sprouts Retreat Center
Price: $1375

Each of our summer 2020 teen traveling camps will spend their rehearsal week at Stump Sprouts Retreat Center, which will be followed by a tour that will include stops in Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Maine and New Hampshire.

Village Harmony teen camps are open to ages 12-18. Auditions aren’t required to attend Village Harmony camps or workshops. We ask all new teen applicants to answer questions about their singing background and their reasons for applying to Village Harmony as part of the application process. Village Harmony’s basic demand of would-be members is that they be committed to making good music and not hold back.

Our basic model for each camp session, regardless of teaching staff, is the same. We begin with an intensive residential rehearsal week where singers get to know one another and learn a concert program. We place tremendous emphasis on authenticity, understanding the spirit and vocal style of each genre, and appreciating the joy of singing together and with conviction.

Rehearsals during the initial retreat week are focused and intense, usually seven or more hours each day, with voice coaching and instrumental work between the group sessions. The 9-day teen residential session wraps up with one or two concerts on their final weekend. The 20-day teen traveling camps, however, launch into concert tours following their rehearsal weeks, performing in small-town community halls, in village churches and at folk festivals and staying with home-stay hosts at nearly every stop.

Click on the links below to read faculty biographies.

New England Teen Traveling Camp I: June 23-July 11, 2020
Led by Avery Book, Bongani Magatyana, Sinead O’Mahoney

New England Teen Traveling Camp II: July 7-25, 2020
Led by Lysander Jaffe, Sora Vincent-Harris, Nadia Tarnawsky

New England Teen Traveling Camp III: July 23-August 11, 2020
Led by Larry Gordon, Carl Linich, Zoe Christiansen

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Stump Sprouts Retreat Center

stumpsproutsSituated in rural northwest Massachusetts, Stump Sprouts Retreat Center is a rustic multi-season resort—founded as a cross-country ski resort—and retreat facility. The center of activity is the hand-crafted three-level guest lodge with bedrooms and lounge on the top two floors and kitchen and dining area on the lower level. Our rehearsals take place in the center’s converted dairy barn. And additional bedrooms are just across the lane in the 200 year-old farmhouse. Stump Sprouts is located on 450 acres of woods and meadows, with splendid vistas and hiking trails. The center’s organic gardens that often provide vegetables for our kitchen. These unspoiled lands set the stage for three Village Harmony teen retreats this year.