Village Harmony

New England Teen Traveling Camp 2 – July 7 – 25, 2020 – $1375

Date: July 7 - 25, 2020
Venue: Stump Sprouts Retreat Center
Leaders: Lysander Jaffe, Sora Harris-Vincent, Nadia Tarnawsky
Price: $1375

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Lysander Jaffe

imagesLYSANDER JAFFE, originally from Conway, MA, is a versatile musician based in Boston. He is a brilliant violinist and violist, adept at both classical and folk styles.  He has traveled extensively to Georgia, Turkey, Kosovo and  and Bulgaria, studying and documenting traditional music. As a vocalist, Lysander has a wonderful command of the ornamented styles of Georgian, Albanian and Corsican singing.  He is a veteran  of many years of Village Harmony and has participated in the several recent Northern Harmony tours.



Sora Harris-Vincent

Sora Harris-Vincent is a singer currrently based in Los Angeles. Growing up in Vermont, she attended her first Village Harmony concert at the influential age of 12 and knew she had to join the locally based world music group. Sora has sung with Village Harmony ever since, traveling all around the US as well as internationally in Macedonia, Corsica and Bulgaria to learn and perform music. in 2017 she toured around Europe with Northern Harmony where she thoroughly enjoyed performing nightly concerts and teaching workshops to singers of all ages and musical abilities.

As an elementary school teacher, Sora has worked hard to incorporate music into the classroom to engage and excite young learners with music from around the world. Sora is currently involved in musical projects on both coasts, traveling between Boston and Los Angeles to tour and perform traditional American and world folk music with her vocal ensemble, Culomba. She is very excited to be singing and working with Village Harmony as a leader!

Nadia Tarnawsky

TarnawskyNadiaNadia Tarnawsky has been studying Eastern European singing techniques for nearly three decades. In 2002 she received a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship which allowed her to travel to Ukraine to collect folk songs and folklore. She has taught Ukrainian village style singing in workshops for the Center for Traditional Music and Dance in New York city, Village Harmony in Vermont and Oregon, the Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble in San Francisco, and the Black Forest Fancies in New Orleans among others. In 2011 she received a Traditional Arts Fellowship from Artist Trust. She sang under the tutelage of Yevgeny Yefremov with Ensemble Hilka of New York in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster in Ukraine.  A recording of this repertoire was recently released on the Smithsonian Folkways label. This is her third year of teaching with Village Harmony.



Stump Sprouts Retreat Center

stumpsproutsSituated in rural northwest Massachusetts, Stump Sprouts Retreat Center is a rustic multi-season resort—founded as a cross-country ski resort—and retreat facility. The center of activity is the hand-crafted three-level guest lodge with bedrooms and lounge on the top two floors and kitchen and dining area on the lower level. Our rehearsals take place in the center’s converted dairy barn. And additional bedrooms are just across the lane in the 200 year-old farmhouse. Stump Sprouts is located on 450 acres of woods and meadows, with splendid vistas and hiking trails. The center’s organic gardens that often provide vegetables for our kitchen. These unspoiled lands set the stage for three Village Harmony teen retreats this year.