Village Harmony

New England Traveling Teen Camp 2 – July 6 – 25, 2018 – $1375

Date: July 6-25, 2018
Venue: Stump Sprouts Retreat Center
Leaders: Will Thomas Rowan, Artūras Sinkevičius, Lynn Mahoney Rowan
Price: $1375

We are thrilled to welcome Lithuanian singer-director-composer Artūras Sinkevičius to the U.S. to teach at his first teen camp here.

Artūras helped create Village Harmony’s inaugural camp in Lithuania in 2017. Endlessly positive and energetic, and full of good humor and jokes, Artūras will teach the group 2- and 3-part Lithuanian songs as well as hypnotic canons in seconds from the distinctive Sūtartinės tradition. Artūras will put together a band with any interested instrumentalists.

VH alumni Will Thomas Rowan and Lynn Mahoney Rowan will lead the group in an eclectic selection of their own compositions and arrangements, as well as intricate and playful songs from Bulgaria, Scandinavia, and Quebec, as well as a couple of late Renaissance Italian Madrigals.

Additionally, Will and Artūras will teach the campers to play (and make!) Skudūčiai, a type of Lithuanian reed-pipe instrument played in ensembles. Other camp activities will include singing the sun down in a traditional Lithuanian sunset ceremony, experiencing traditional Lithuanian cuisine from Artūras’s legendary cooking skills, dancing and singing-games, and occasional bedtime stories from Norse Mythology.

The group will spend its rehearsal week in residence at Stump Sprouts Retreat Center in western Massachusetts. The ensuing 12-day tour will include some of our favorite stops in rural New England.

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Will Thomas Rowan

WILL THOMAS ROWAN is a composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist who began singing with Village Harmony when he was 14. He performs with Windborne, a band made up of Village Harmony alumni, which has toured internationally as part of the State Department’s American Music Abroad program. He holds a masters in conducting from Bard Conservatory, and is also an award-winning composer who writes everything from ballads to symphonies. In his other musical endeavors Will has collaborated with Susan Cooper on a Scottish folk music-dance-fairytale at Revels North, sung in a Russian Orthodox Monastery choir, conducted a 25-piece orchestra with chorus at the Fisher Center at Bard, created West African/Anglo-Norse trance-fusion pieces with the Kidimandi percussion ensemble, and has performed covers of Lady Gaga on the banjo more than once. Will is an avid storyteller and delights audiences of all ages with his lively and tongue-in-cheek re-tellings of Norse Mythology. He is delighted to be bringing his friend and collaborator Artūras back to the US on the heels of their Village Harmony tour together in Lithuania last summer.



Artūras Sinkevičius

arturas-sinkevicius-croppedLithuanian singer-instrumentalist ARTURAS SINKEVIČIUS studied music education and folklore at the Kaunas Educational University and now teaches folk music and dance at the Kaunas High School for the arts. He is the organizer of the yearly Suklėgos International Folk Festival, and he also composes and performs original live soundtracks for plays at the Kaunas State Puppet Theater. As the director of Gilė, a student folk-rock fusion band and choir, he keeps his country’s folk tradition alive and gets young people interested and engaged with the living tradition that dates back before recorded history. He also performs and records his own arrangements with the Kūlgrinda Ritual Folklore Group, and plays in one of Lithuania’s most sought-after dance bands. In addition to being a singer with an exhaustive knowledge of Lithuanian folklore, Artūras plays and teaches a multitude of instruments, including bagpipes, fiddle, whistles, guitar, Lithuanian pan-pipes, wooden trumpets, kanklės (zither), didgeridoo, and double bass.





Lynn Mahoney Rowan

LYNN MAHONEY ROWAN grew up singing in Southern VT with the Amidons, Tony Barrand and other of the region’s pillars of folk music. Village Harmony introduced her to a love of world harmonies as a teenager and she continued to sing and teach with Northern Harmony and the Renewal chorus through college. She tours at home and abroad as a singer and percussionist with her band, Windborne. Lynn establishes and leads world-music choruses wherever she lands including a student-run ensemble at Marlboro College, a community chorus in Keene, NH, and a year-round teen ensemble with Revels North in Hanover, NH. In addition, she was the assistant choral director and appeared as a soloist in the Christmas Revels for six years, and coached many of the other soloists there. Lynn also composes, arranges, and directs music for theater and once developed and put on a folk opera in collaboration with Eric Bass.




Stump Sprouts Retreat Center

stumpsproutsSituated in rural northwest Massachusetts, Stump Sprouts Retreat Center is a rustic multi-season resort—founded as a cross-country ski resort—and retreat facility. The center of activity is the hand-crafted three-level guest lodge with bedrooms and lounge on the top two floors and kitchen and dining area on the lower level. Our rehearsals take place in the center’s converted dairy barn. And additional bedrooms are just across the lane in the 200 year-old farmhouse. Stump Sprouts is located on 450 acres of woods and meadows, with splendid vistas and hiking trails. The center’s organic gardens that often provide vegetables for our kitchen.