Village Harmony

New England Teen Traveling Camp II – July 7 – 26 (20 days) – $1375

Date: July 7- July 26, 2016
Venue: Stump Sprouts Retreat Center
Leaders: Larry Gordon, John Mark Harrison, Zoe Christiansen
Price: $1375

We are especially excited to welcome two young teen girls from Macedonia to this camp: Simona Markovska and Marija Parmachka.  They participated in our Village Harmony camp in Macedonia last summer and inspired us with their wonderful dancing and singing.  With their help we will be featuring a lot of Balkan folk dancing and singing at this session. 

Village Harmony alumna Zoe Christiansen will form a lively Balkan band with any interested instrumentalists.  Long-time VH leader John Harrison will bring his lively arrangements of a cappella gospel as well as original compositions inspired by gospel and shape-note.  Village Harmony co-director and founder Larry Gordon will lead South African songs and dances, shape-note songs, and some contemporary pieces, as well as leading much of the dancing. 

The touring itinerary will include Massachusetts, the Connecticut and Rhode Island shore, and Vermont.

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Larry Gordon

Village Harmony founder and director LARRY GORDON has been making community music in Vermont since the early 1970s. He founded Village Harmony in 1989, and his patient and relaxed, yet demanding, teaching style and his collaborative approach have shaped the welcoming atmosphere of the Village Harmony community since the beginning. Though his first love was medieval and renaissance music, he is a vital figure in New England shape-note singing, and he is the music editor of the popular Northern Harmony shape-note songbook. Larry is an inspired organizer with an unerring eye for good repertoire and a unique knack of pulling together interesting combinations of singers and letting them shine.  Larry has led Onion River Chorus in Montpelier since the late 1970s, and is well known across the US and internationally for leading stunning periodic ad hoc incarnations of Northern Harmony, a semi-professional tour group made up largely of veteran Village Harmony singers.  Recently he has been devoting increasing time to teaching Balkan folk dancing.


John Mark Harrison

harrisonjohnJOHN MARK HARRISON is a dynamic choral director, workshop leader and composer from Vermont. His passion is the search for and development of an American choral tradition that integrates African-American Gospel music, jazz, blues, shape-note, rock and roll, country, and Appalachian music. In his compositions and teaching he strives to combine these great American traditions to create a unique choral music that is rhythmically sung and rich with story. John has directed the Montpelier Community Gospel Choir in Montpelier, VT for the last 18 years. He has led camp sessions for Village Harmony for many years, as well working with Brendan Taaffe’s Turtle Dove Harmony. John brings to all his teaching a deep love for choral singing and its power to create community, as well as a lot of humor. He lives in Plainfield, VT with his wife Scottie.


Zoe Christiansen

Zoe with clarinetZoe Christiansen is a remarkable accordion, keyboard and clarinet player with particular expertise in eastern European and Turkish styles as well as Klezmer music.  She has participated in the two most recent Northern Harmony tours and has been music director for a number of community theater productions. Most recently she has traveled extensively in Turkey, Albania and Kosovo studying traditional instrumental and vocal styles.


Stump Sprouts Retreat Center

stumpsproutsSituated in rural northwest Massachusetts, Stump Sprouts Retreat Center is a rustic multi-season resort—founded as a cross-country ski resort—and retreat facility. The center of activity is the hand-crafted three-level guest lodge with bedrooms and lounge on the top two floors and kitchen and dining area on the lower level. Our rehearsals take place in the center’s converted dairy barn. And additional bedrooms are just across the lane in the 200 year-old farmhouse. Stump Sprouts is located on 450 acres of woods and meadows, with splendid vistas and hiking trails. The center’s organic gardens that often provide vegetables for our kitchen.