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Corsica Camp 2022 (June 14 – July 2, 2022) ($1900 adult / $1600 youth)

Date: June 14 - July 2, 2022
Venue: I Fioretti, Canari, Cap Corse, Corsica
Leaders: Frederic Vesperini, Jean Etienne Langianni, Ketevan Mindorashvili, Patty Cuyler, Mollie Stone
Price: $1900 adult / $1600 youth

We aim to make this and our other international camps affordable for high school & college student participation by offering automatic youth discounts.

This camp is intended for experienced older high school and college students and adults who feel confident to tackle the challenges of learning Corsican traditional music—with its elaborate ornamentation and precise intonation—by ear, and confident singing one on a part in a small ensemble.

This is intended above all as a serious study-performance tour, with emphasis placed on working with our local instructors and learning about both the music and the culture of the island. We are privileged to once again work with two great traditional Corsican singers, Jean-Etienne Langianni and Frederic Vesperini, who will come separately to join the group and teach during our rehearsal period.

We will also be learning a set of other songs to round out our concert program:  from the Republic of Georgia (taught by Zedashe Ensemble director Ketevan Mindorashivili), from the American shape-note tradition (led by Village Harmony co-director Patty Cuyler) and from South Africa (led by long-time VH teacher Mollie Stone).

Participants will fly or take a ferry to Bastia on Cap Corse and then drive to the village of Canari on the west coast of the cape, with its old confrerie and ancient paths winding up the mountainside.

We will be based in Canari in rooms and apartments in I Fioretti, a renovated 18th-century convent turned gite, and rehearse in the beautiful old attached church. Even though we will be working hard during the early days of the program, there will be opportunities for you to take short hikes in the hills or dash down to the local coastal beaches.

Once our rehearsal period is finished, though, the real tour of Corsica begins!

After 10 days in Canari we will hit the road to workshop with traditional singers and to give a series of concerts of our own in some of Corsica’s most beautiful village churches.

Our first stop will be to visit singers in the small village of Giussani in the Balaigne region, who have invited us for a workshop and concert.

After an overnight stay nearby we will drive to Ajaccio where we will join Fred’s Ensemble Spartimu for a workshop, concert and after-party before bedding down locally. The following day will be completely free for us to explore the city, its beaches and the nearby mountains. We will depart Ajaccio the next day to meander north, stopping at will en route back to Canari.

Our concert tour in Corsica will continue with a series of four more performances on the Cape, traveling out daily from our base in Canari.

Tuition is based on double (with a few triple rooms) occupancy. A limited number of single rooms in Canari will be available for a $400 supplemental fee. (Double occupancy only for hotel rooms, unless a singer wishes to pay the difference in cost.)

NOTE: All participants in Village Harmony in-person camps must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend.

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Frederic Vesperini

Frederic VesperiniSpartimu EnsembleFREDERIC VESPERINI of Ajaccio, Corsica is a long-time member (and currently director) of Ensemble Spartimu. Specializing in the traditional folk and sacred polyphony of Corsica, the ensemble is regularly invited to in prestigious international festivals, most recently including trips to Sardinia, to Poland and to Tbilisi, Georgia. Over the past decade the ensemble has have added brilliant performances of music from the Republic of Georgia to their repertoire. Spartimu has recorded two CDs. Village Harmony has met to share music with Fred and Spartimu in Ajaccio on nearly every trip we have made to Corsica since 2004.


Jean Etienne Langianni

Jean-Etienne-LangianniJEAN ETIENNE LANGIANNI is a well-known singer, composer and teacher across Europe, is at home as much with contemporary popular music and all periods of European classical chant as he is with the traditional folk and sacred polyphony of his native Corsica. He leads workshops of Corsican singing both in Corsica and throughout western Europe. A member of Tavagna (the Corsican folk music group) and Organum (the ancient music ensemble led by Marcel Peres), he is a talented composer whose works reveal a deep understanding of Corsican folk and sacred music.


Ketevan Mindorashvili

mindorashviliketevanlgKetevan Mindorashvili was born in Sighnaghi in the eastern province of Kakheti in (the Republic of) Georgia. She was raised in a traditional singing family. Founder and director of the Zedashe Ensemble, Keto showed a gift for singing since childhood and continued to study music technique extensively in university. She devoted herself to preserving traditions on the brink of disappearance, and has become known as a singer and a teacher of Georgian folk music, particularly the fluid ornamentation of eastern folk songs. She has a deep knowledge of ancient church chant, and is a master of the panduri, the three-stringed lute from the eastern Georgian region of Kakheti.

Keto has searched valleys and mountains for ancient polyphony, collecting folk songs and chants, as well as writing her own music within the tradition. Today she hosts students from all over the world in her native Sighnaghi and travels internationally leading tours of Zedashe and teaching workshops. She has appeared on all Zedashe recordings to date, and has participated in numerous tours to the United States, United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. Keto has been teaching Village Harmony groups in Georgia (and in Corsica in 2014) since 2003.


Patty Cuyler

Patty Cuyler photoPATTY CUYLER, born in California, educated at Princeton University, long-time resident of Vermont and currently living in Chicago, IL, is an energetic, dynamic workshop leader and choral director and is internationally-renowned for her expertise in teaching Corsican, Georgian and South African music. She has been co-director of Village Harmony since 1995 and over the years spear-headed the expansion of the organization’s reach into the four corners of the globe. It was primarily Patty’s vision and labor that shaped Village Harmony’s response to the pandemic year.

Patty has co-led Village Harmony’s community world music choir Boston Harmony (which she founded) since 2005 as well as the Chicago World Music Chorus (2013) closer to home.









Mollie Stone

Mollie Stone

MOLLIE STONE is a Chicago native internationally renowned for her workshops on black South African choral music. Mollie served as a conductor at Chicago Children’s Choir from 2005-2020 and has been director of the University of Chicago’s two largest choirs since 2011. Mollie earned her master’s degree in classical choral conducting from Westminster Choir College and her conducting doctorate from Northwestern University. In 2001, she received a grant from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to create a DVD, Vela, Vela, to help educators learn and teach black South African choral music in the oral tradition. In 2006, Mollie received another grant to study how South Africans are using choral music in the struggle against HIV, which became the topic of her highly-acclaimed doctoral thesis. Mollie has been teaching with Village Harmony since 2009.


I Fioretti, Canari, Cap Corse, Corsica

corsica_canaricoastWe will use as our base the rural gite I Fioretti, an 18th-century convent renovated with three multi-room apartments and eight ensuite rooms for tourist use, in the village of Canari just inland from the Meditterranean on the western Cap Corse—the 40-km long peninsula on the island’s far northeast with mountains that plunge straight down to the sea. Rehearsals will be in the adjoining church, still used for services on Sundays. Canari is a delightful village of several hundred located in great hiking territory.