Village Harmony

Alumni News

After thirty years (and counting) Village Harmony has had many extraordinary people pass through our programs. We will be highlighting alumni projects here.

If you are a Village Harmony alum and would like to have your initiative included, email us with a short description and link to your webpage.
  • SoundAround Journeys – Ecuador Biking & Music Adventure Camp, June 15-July 2, 2020
Gideon Crevoshay, Tikko Frielich, Clayton Clemetson
Organized by three VH alumni, this adventure camp will be a journey that weaves together song and expedition as powerful ways of connecting to culture, community and place. For 18 days participants will explore the musical and natural landscape of the Ecuadorian Andes by studying songs with local and indigenous teachers, and ‘bikepacking’; traveling by bike with all necessities strapped to the frame. More
  • Culomba – CD Release & January New England Tour
    Adam Simon, Sophie Michaux, Sora Harris-Vincent, Avery Sherman, Lysander Jaffe
Culomba (Corsican for “dove”) is a vocal ensemble made up of 5 Village Harmony alumni and based in Boston, whose mission is to bring together audiences to experience the beauty and diversity of vocal music from disparate styles, eras and regions. Their new album Feathered Dove came out in December and was celebrated with a US album release tour in January and an upcoming UK tour in June. More
  • Indra Rios Moore – the “celestial voice of jazz”
Every once in a while you hear a new record by an artist that you’ve not heard before and it just sends shivers down your spine. Indra Rios-Moore is the newest addition to this select group. Indra attended Village Harmony in the mid-90s. She married a Danish jazz saxophonist and together with her husband and a bassist friend formed a trio in 2007 with a strong following throughout Scandinavia and the EU. More
  • John Graham – Music-Culture-Adventure Tours in Georgia & Armenia
John first went to Georgia in 2003 on a Village Harmony program. Now an ethno-musicologist specializing in Georgian chant, John has developed a thriving business organizing vehicle and walking tours in the Caucasus that mix culture, cuisine, music and semi-luxurious accommodation. He is offering six tours in Georgia & Armenia on 2020, and will also put together one-of-a-kind programs for individuals, families, alumni groups, and touring choirs on demand. More
  • Windborne – Patreon Program & Ongoing Midwest Tour
Will Thomas Rowan, Lauren Breunig, Lynn Mahoney Rowan, Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Windborne is another VH alumni ensemble performing traditional folk music from the US and around the world, with several albums and a best-selling songbook of traditional protest songs under their collective belt. Currently on tour in the Midwest, Windborne will be in New England in December and in the UK in February. They’ve recently opened a new Patreon account. More